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About GMBA 系所介紹


To keep up with the trend of business globalization, the Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA) emphasizes on the nurturing of professionals in the globalised business management field. All the courses are conducted in English. The main goal is to

  1. Educate the students who are leaders or talents in different fields to possess the international communication abilities.

  2. Input diverse wide-range knowledge of business and management to study and discuss various types of business related topics and subjects.
  3. To provide the students an environment to grow the leadership characteristics and ethics.

On the basis of this framework, the courses are designed by integrating the knowledge about business and management from a diverse and wide-range aspect instead of a focused and narrow-range course structure. We are practical oriented and stress on case study and analyses. Also, the international students from countries around the world study at GMBA program together enhance the exchanges and communications in a global manner; this advances the experience sharing activities on business running and management in different levels.


The curriculum emphasizes cross-national business management plus the integration of interdisciplinary business knowledge and practical applications, which is supplemented by business visits and various types of activities.

All the courses are conducted in English and incorporate the most current knowledge and practices implemented in today’s marketplace. Students will study with an international student body with multicultural backgrounds to hone the global communication skills.

The international faculty with varied specialties provides a diversified curriculum that fulfills students’ multiple interests, such as economics, marketing, statistics, and management in global businesses. The courses are partially lectured by invited scholars from abroad.

Curriculum  Map 

  • Foundation courses

Economics for managers, Accounting, Quantitative Methods, Organizational Behavior, Financial Management, Marketing Management

  • Core courses

MBA Experience Seminar, Management Control System, Quantitative Business Analysis, Business, Government, & Society, Marketing Strategy, Financial Strategy, Strategic Management

  • Elective courses

The elective course in STUST is classified into four categories including technology management, operation and logistics management, business management, innovation management.